About us

My story starts from the mid 2014 when I unfortunently stumbled on a couple of bad experiences in the customer service field. What saddenned me the most was the fact that mostly the company owners had no clue whats going on in ther firms as most of the small issues are covered firstly by empolyees. But in one case it was even worse, as the company owner himself announced that he had no clue i wanted the job to be done well. I thought, this shouldn’t left unnoticed.

But what if you could prevent getting low quality service or even improve the service quality? Some companies have their own complaint books or boxes where you can leave your notes in order to help them to improve their service or product, but this is something you can see rarely now days. And it’s even harder to choose between them as there are plenty companies selling the same type of service with just a fraction of the price difference, but we can never be sure in what we get. Yes, of course every company has some problems, but that is not the case here, the real issue is how they solve their problems and this is something i want to point out. As there can be thousands of happy customers, but you could be the one who has to solve a problem.

Inspired from alla above:

Late 2014 I finished with the first build of the system. While building the system I thought deeply in what it should do and what it could solve and I realized thats its more powerful tool than I was expecting. In the beginning of the 2016 i made a complete analyze to the system and have taken time to rebuild the core of the system.